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We teach Pop Rock, Musical Theatre, Latin, Jazz and Opera.

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Taking singing classes not only improves your vocal ability, it also increases your self-esteem. Training your voice gives you the confidence to overcome fears of singing and even public speaking. All voices are unique, just like all personalities. There is no such thing as a perfect voice, so don’t be concerned with the condition of your voice or a fear of failure, because the art of training is all about addressing those issues!

Does successful training require a successful tutor?

Obviously yes! Most of all, the student should feel safe with their teacher. A teacher should understand more than just vocal technique: it includes a whole array of other skills, like musicality and phrasing, acting and interpretation of lyrics. We teach Pop Rock, Musical Theatre, Latin, Jazz and Opera, and our students include talented and successful IDOLS and National Eisteddfod contestants and numerous other competitions.

Here are a few things you will learn at our studio


How to expand your vocal range for those high and low notes and how to get rid of that tight feeling in your neck.


Your ability to breathe correctly is vital; this is how you add power and control to your voice and rid yourself of all those troubling and puzzling little problems.


You will be taught breathing exercises, voice exercises , ear exercises and good diction- covering the essentials of good singing.