Saranti’s Music Lessons

Music Lessons Johannesburg

The Saranti Method

We offer you a warm and stress-free environment at our home studio in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. The relaxed setting encourages students to explore and discover their own individual and instinctive voices and styles of playing and singing.

We encourage students to bring music from the genres they are interested in. The focus is on fun and enjoyment and most of all expression. For the real joy in music is not just to execute with precision, but to connect emotionally with all your heart and soul and feel the freedom and joy of the creative experience.

Learning how to express yourself from your soul without fear or reticence is one of the most precious gifts you will give yourself. The idea is to pursue excellence, not perfection. All you need is the 3 P’s of success.

  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Perseverance

We also have a large collection of contemporary songs and hits from the past arranged for all levels – beginner to advanced. Ages 6 to 80!!

And just for the kids!

Children need a holistic music experience. As a mother, experienced school teacher, and Kindermusik educator, I know how to relate to children through music. We don’t expect every child to be gifted or talented. What children need more than anything else, is an environment filled with care and unconditional love and acceptance. This will raise their self-esteem and encourage them to be creative and courageous.

In our studio failure or judgment does not exist, only learning and perseverance. We make learning FUN with my unique teaching methods. All of them get exposed to piano/keyboards, drums, instruments, singing and various Orff instruments. Nothing is dull and boring and the kids thrive and revel in their own abilities within weeks of practice and can’t wait for their next session.


Singing Lessons

Taking singing classes not only improves your vocal ability, it also increases your self-esteem.

Piano Lessons

Bring us the song YOU want to play and we’ll get you there.

Guitar & Bass Lessons

Want to be the guitar hero in a band?

music lessons johannesburg for all ages

All Ages Welcome